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Brenda L.
United States United States
Goldfish breed wildly in small ponds in the south ...

So I bought 12 goldfish five years ago when we dug a small pond in our back yard. There are about 75 now, from minnow to sunfish size. These flakes are way cheaper than buying them for an aquarium-sized venue! And I’ve fed them for two years with this stuff and … they keep breeding and growing, so apparently they like it a lot.

Harold B.
United States United States
Fish love them`

I have been buying from here for a few years. My fish love everything I buy from here to the point I have ended up having fish that do not like anything but frozen aka DISCUS switch to eating flakes and the granules almost exclusively.

Buddy H.
United States United States
Goldfish & Earthworm Flakes

The price for four pounds of fish food flakes is nothing compared to $7,95 for two ounces at the grocery store.

IMPRESSED..give them a chance

I must admit I was hesitant to feed my expensive goldfish flakes of any kind. I accidentally ordered these instead of sinking pellets. However this brand, has changed my opinion. The ingredients are top quality, fresh, small batch made, all stuff I look for. At first my fish never welcome any change, so it took a few days, now they devour them. These flakes are not your ordinary run of the mill product. They are huge! Dont have an odour, non-greasy not see through. They do not break down fast at all, they never cloud or leave oil on my water surface. They will float a bit, but not for long, but will sink instantly if pushed below the surface when feeding. They sink slowly giving my telescopes timr to easily find them. One benefit I found is my baby goldfish, can easily eat these flakes, as can my giants. .no need to soften them like pellets. I can crush them smaller or leave them large, and no matter the size of fish they easily can ingest them, as they are soft. My fish have noticably less waste produced from these as well, so they are able to digest and use most of the foods ingredients. They find every drop of food even the small pieces, saving me the hassel of siphoning out any left overs. I will definitely be continuing to buy these flakes over the pellets.

Cheri C.
The Best Goldfish Food

This was the first food I tried and all of my fish love this food! 1) Large flakes soak easily in aquarium water and slowly drop down. This keeps the food out of the filter and it stays together allowing my slow eaters a chance to eat at their pace. 2) I've noticed a huge reduction in surface slime and now that is almost gone. 3) The high quality ingredients are keeping my fish well fed and healthy. Less pooping and easily digested has spurred growth, beautiful coloring, sparked up activity and much cleaner water. A major plus! 4) My Orandas love it: no problems with bloat or digestion issues and my finicky tetras love it also! Please don't stop making this food or change a thing. Thank you for making such a quality fish food!

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