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WonderWorms Mini Color Sticks

Wiggly worm-like descent. Fish loves these!

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NEW! Pleco Caves

Handmade in the USA
Try our new Pleco, Shrimp and Cichlid Caves

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Live Aquarium Plants

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The Cichlid Shop

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Save $7.97
4 Flake Bundle4 Flake Bundle
Your Fish Stuff 4 Flake Bundle
Sample 4 Of Our Most Popular Flakes
$33.99 $41.96
Black Soldier Fly Grain Free SticksBlack Soldier Flay Larvae Sticks
Your Fish Stuff Black Soldier Fly Grain Free Sticks
Crafted at low temperatures
From $5.55
Save $6.09
Bottom Feeders BundleBottom Feeders Bundle
Your Fish Stuff Bottom Feeders Bundle
Wafers and Sticks for Catfish, Loaches and Plecos
$24.99 $31.08
Save $5.53
Cichlid BundleCichlid Bundle
Your Fish Stuff Cichlid Bundle
Flakes - Pellets - Sticks - Crumbles
$25.99 $31.52
Cichlid FlakesCichlid Flakes
Your Fish Stuff Cichlid Flakes
Perfect blend of color and veggie flakes
From $6.99
Cichlid Sticks Bulk Aquarium Fish FoodCichlid Sticks
Your Fish Stuff Cichlid Sticks
Only the best for your cichlids
From $4.99
YFS Cichlid Supreme Pellets Bulk Aquarium Fish foodYFS Cichlid Supreme Bulk Aquarium Fish Food
Your Fish Stuff Cichlid Supreme Pellets
For outstanding color, health & vitality
From $4.99
Color Flakes Aquarium Fish FoodColor Flakes
Your Fish Stuff Color Flakes
Loaded with seafood
From $6.99
Save $4.52
Community Tank BundleCommunity Tank Bundle
Your Fish Stuff Community Tank Bundle
5 Foods for Every Fish in Your Tank
$22.99 $27.51
Earthworm Flakes Bulk Aquarium Fish FoodEarthworm Flakes
Your Fish Stuff Earthworm Flakes
For those finicky eaters
From $7.99
Earthworm Grain Free Crumbles Fish FoodEarthworm Grain Free Crumbles
Your Fish Stuff Earthworm Grain Free Crumbles
Earthworms make an irresistible treat
From $5.55