Betta Grain Free Crumbles

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Size: 1.0mm
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Candice M.
United States United States

Best for my babies

I have been searching far and wide for fish food that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, that has simple ingredients and most of all, does not contain wheat as I am allergic to it. I have not been able to find a single fish food that does not contain wheat let alone grain-free! On this Expedition I found that most fish food is full of ****, bare minimum low quality ingredients and most of it's not "fish food" It has been heartbreaking until I found this fish food. They weren't kidding when they say the fish will jump towards it they go crazy for this food! I have a smaller container to keep the bigger bag fresh but every time I open it I smell it and it smells like fish food! Not only that it has garlic in it which will deter and fight off parasites, I can see them being more healthy and having more energy more confident and exploring. The scared ones come out to play. I had a beta that had cancer or something I'm not sure a giant growth and she didn't make it but after starting this food this growth that had been growing for about 8 months started shrinking. It was too late but I feel like if I had gotten her this food sooner she might have had a chance. I use it for all of my fish I need to get more for my specific Bottom Feeders and algae eaters but I hope this store stays in store forever. You have a forever customer and I will be sharing your site with everyone I know that loves their fish too!

lex a.
United States United States

betta grain free crumbles

my boys absolutely love this food it’s the best iv tried so far, although one of them has a mutation that his mouth faces up if you have the same problem i would look into floating foods he can still eat it but not as easily

Caleb K.
United States United States

Amazing food

Food is amazing yes bit dusty do to crumbles but a lil shake will knock it to the bottom plenty of pellets in 4 oz bag to feed 2/3 betta for a good while! Helped improve my betta weight and colors! Will be buying again.

Marsha H.
United States United States

Hungry fishes!

My babies go crazy over this food! One of my Bettas will now JUMP out of the water at feeding time

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