What is your Live Arrival Guarantee?

We have a 24 Hours Live Arrival Guarantee policy. If your plant order arrived dead on arrival simply take clear pictures of them in their original clear bag and send it to us within 24 hours of delivery. We can't control plants after the 24 hour window.

Are your plants grown emersed (above water) or submerged (below water)?

Most plants are grown emersed except for true aquatic plants like Vallisneria.

Do your plants contain pests or snails?

We generally have clean plants but snails and especially the snails eggs are hard to prevent. As with fish we recommend you quarantine all new plants if you have any concerns about hitchhikers.

We do sell Tissue Culture Plants, which are guaranteed to be pest and snail free.

Should I remove the plants from the pots?

We recommend you remove the plant from the pot. We ship them in pots for safety. For long term root growth it's best to remove them.