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William C.
United States United States
Good Food

Bought 3 items for pleco variety. One of the few sinking foods with spirulina as the first ingredient. Our blue phantom loves the Krill formula, eats the spirulina pellets, does not go for the earthworm formula. Great products!

Your Fish Stuff Krill Sticks Limited Ingredients Review
Joseph J.
United States United States
fish pellets

I've been supplementing koi food with the Krill sticks. New fish (koi) will eat it off the bottom when they are being picky and won't come to the top to feed. highly recommend this food for koi.

Marcus f.
United States United States
Krill Sticks are amazing

I’m a huge fan of the krill sticks I feed them in all 30 tanks in my fish room. The larger cichlids go crazy for them and I can easily crumble for my smaller fish. I’ve noticed a huge breeding increase with all of my bristlenose as well. The fact that they sink slowly is perfect for all levels of water column feeding.

United States United States
Great food

Fish seem to eat food with no problems. Simple ingredients. Dont cloud water.

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