Grain Free Omnivore Formula

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Size: 1.0mm
Quantity: 4oz
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United States United States

I am so happy I purchased this food and will continue to purchase it again and again. I keep high quality fancy goldfish and my newest fish would always float after eating. I tried everything to fix it until finally I found this food. It turns out goldfish cannot digest grains and there was grain in basically all my fish food... even the high quality Japanese pellets. As soon as I switched my fish to this food, the problem was solved. These pellets are great, and affordable. However, they do break up a bit in the water, but not enough to cloud it up and my filter takes care of it.

A Your Fish Stuff Customer
Jennifer B.
United States United States
My fish love this stuff!

My fish absolutely love this food. My only complaint would be that it’s a little big for them (I have Bettas and Tetras), but they are very happy chasing it down to munch on it.

Peggy D.
United States United States
My Turtles LOVE this!

My turtles love the grain free food line, which protects their livers from fatty liver disease caused by grain consumption that you see in most captive turtles. Also the ingredient astaxanthin is bringing out the reds, oranges, and yellows in their skin and shells! Plus, the algae and kelp are detoxing them from a cobalt exposure we have found in our well water.

Your Fish Stuff Grain Free Omnivore Formula Review
Peggy D.
United States United States
My Turtles LOVE the Grain Free Sticks!

My turtles absolutely love your grain free sticks! Plus the reds, oranges, and yellows in their skin and in their shells have intensified due to all the chlorophyl and astaxanthin in your grain free formulas!

Your Fish Stuff Grain Free Omnivore Formula Review
Tina M.
United States United States
Nice packaging & food size is great, however... fish would not eat the food. They'd get a mouthful and then spit it out and hide. Weird! I actually feel bad telling you this, and have held off because of my feeling. The packaging is a wonderful idea since the food stays intact and sealed for freshness. I wish my fish would have eaten the food though. Sorry! Tina

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