Red Supreme Color Pellets

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Size: 1.0mm
Quantity: 4oz
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Noel E.
United States United States
Great fish food

My Koi love your products. They have grown so quickly and theirs Colors are amazing thanks to the highest quality ingredients in your fish food ����

Your Fish Stuff Red Supreme Color Pellets Review
Patrick K.
United States United States
Great food

In my experience this is the best food on the market. I feed this to all of my African Cichlids and they love it. Their health and growth is great and I have had no concerns with water clouding with this like I have with some other products.

Ritchie R.
United States United States
Only yfs

I have 900 gallons of aquariums on a moving bed filters which I don’t turn off to feed. YFS sinking pellets r great including ingredients. Fish tear it up.

Paula F.
United States United States
Loach Loves These

My ~20-year-old yoyo loach has been living and apparently thriving on these for quite a few years. I like the speed at which they sink, and the smaller size is perfect for small- to medium-bottom feeders to snarf up. Have started providing them to my Cory catfish, and while the Cories show little real enthusiasm for anything, they're still alive--so the food must be working. The betta in the tank sometimes comes down and poaches a pellet.

Vincent L.
United States United States
Additional Variety for My Fish

I thought I would try these small color pellets to give my freshwater fish some additional variety in their diets. So far they seem happy with this new food, especially the juvenile bronze catfish.

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