Crevice 3D Background

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chris y.
United States United States
Crevice 3d background

Extremely well made

chris y.
United States
Crevice 3d background

Extremely well made

Connie H.
Adds dimension and class to your tank

This makes an incredible background in your tank. I bought it for my 75 gallon, The fit was slightly larger, a quick trim on one end with a box cutter it was absolutely perfect. I worried about permanently affixing it to the glass, but decided that would be the safest and best option. I siliconed it in five places (all 4 corners, and one place near the center) thus it could be fairly easily removed in the future should I need to. I lay the empty tank on it's side installed the background and placed some heavy books to hold it flat to dry. A week later once I was sure the silicone had cured, I added gravel, drift wood, rocks and plants. Filled it up and waited for the tank to cycle. It has been a year since then and I cannot imaging having a tank without it, it is beautiful, gives my fish a since of security. Plecostomus and Otto cats love it too and do a excellent job keeping it clean.

Crevice 3.
Crevice 3D Background

The product looks amazing. I bought this one and the Texas Holey Rock Background. This one does not fit flush. There is a gap between the background a glass. If the tank is filled to the top, fish will swim over and become trapped behind. The clips help with this but only 2 come with eack background. The clips also need to be about an inch longer. This background was installed with fish already in the tank. It is possible but if I had it to do over again, I would put the background in first. Dealing with the filters makes it interesting.

Wayne S.
United States
3D back Ground

Quick fast process with the order. rite on!

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