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    Nano Small Tropical Flakes. Same great flakes as our regular sized tropical flakes but just a little bit smaller. . These are great for a community tank. Loaded with salmon, shrimp, krill, spirulina and kelp, you will see why this is one of our best fish food sellers.

    Fantastic and fresh!! Compare our ingredients and see the difference in your fish and the clarity of your aquarium water. We don't use low cost fillers that just contribute to higher maintenance time and costs. Better quality food will save you time, effort and money in the long run. Your fish will look fantastic, your water will be cleaner and you will not have to clean or replace your filter pads as often!!

    All of our foods are made in small batches of 100 pounds or less. And manufactured in the USA using high quality ingredients grown and processed in the US. This process results in very fresh and large flakes, with no ethoxiquin or preservatives. No small powdered flakes that clog your filters.

    High quality fresh large flakes your fish are sure to love!!


    Salmon Fish Meal, Oat, Wheat Flours, Gluten, & Soy-Meal Flours, Brewers Yeast,
    Shrimp, Plankton & Krill Powder Mix. Kelp Meal, Frozen or Dried Brine-Shrimp.
    Fish Oil, Lecithin, Dried Spirulina, Vitamin Supplements: A, D-3, B1, B-12,
    Choline HCL, Biotin, Double Stabilized Vitamin ā€œCā€, Methionine, No Preservatives, Some Coloring


    45% Protein
    4.1% Fat
    4.2% Fiber
    8.2% Moisture

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    Perfect flake

    I bought this to replace the Tropical Flake as it was sold out. So glad I did as its perfect for my tetras and sword tails. They call it Nano but its normal flack size that companies like Tetra sell. I bought a pound of it.

    Glad I did as fish are nuts about it. Besides the two types I listed I also have corries and rams plus siamese algae eaters. Everyone came and ate and cleaned up. This will be my main staple from now on.

    tiffin ohio


    they are a little small but the ciclids seem to like them

    Nano flakes

    Brought this for the first time for my tetras, they loved it The best part is the protein is 45%and the fat 4% There's no waste and it does not cloud my tank. I will be buying it again good quality excellent prices and fast delivery

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