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    Only Selcon Concentrate™ contains Omega-3 HUFA, Vitamin B12 and pure stabilized Vitamin C. 

    So if you are establishing a saltwater breeding program, preventing/reversing lateral line disease or just maintaining a healthy reef system, try Selcon; it's truly amazing.

    - Excellent for reef aquaria
    - Filters may be kept running
    - Will not alter water chemistry
    - Excellent for soaking freeze-dried foods
    - Does not contain Yeast, Phosphates, or Nitrates
    - For marine use only
    - Use several times each week for best results

    Soak any type of freezed-dried or frozen food with .5 ml Selcon
    Feed 1.0 ml Selcon to portion of live brine shrimp to greatly enhance thier nutritional quality.
    For invertebrate aquaria, add at the rate of .5 ml Selcon per 50 gallon aquarium.


    Selco Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids; Marine lipids 200 mg/g.; Vitamin C stabilized 200mg; Vitamin b12 Cyanocobalamin 240 mcg.

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Amazing Price for this Product

    I walked in to a LFS Yesterday and was surprised to see the same 60ml bottle of selcon I had just ordered from YFS.. Only difference was I paid 9.99$ and the stores price was 24.99 for the same size bottle!!!!

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