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    S.E.L.C.O. BOOST by Aqua-Tech Co. is the first all Inclusive high quality food soak designed with stringent protocols to boost aquarium foods nutritional value and immune boosting efficacy. Nutrition is commonly the number one determining factor of survival and success of aquatic specimens.

    Contains Allicin (the active ingredient in garlic), Fatty Acids, DHA, EPA, Essential Omega rich oils, high doses of pure vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D3, and carotenoids derived from marine algae. The formula is stabilized with vitamin C and is refrigerated to prevent the breakdown of vitamins. Lastly, a proprietary emulsifier and appetite stimulant is added.

    The result is a food soak that is easily taken up by both dry and frozen diets that will improve color, boost immune systems, general health and appetite in your prized livestock. Try soaking Live Brine Shrimp for a nutritional treat or algae sheets to stop or reverse Head and Lateral Line Erosion.

    • OMEGA 3 & 5 Fatty Acids
    • EPA & DHA
    • Garlic for immune systems and appetite
    • Vitamins C & E for immune systems and slime coat
    • Important carotenoids for color

        An easy way to give your aquatic friends the best nutrition!

    A convenient way to add optimal nutrition to all your aquatic feeds and ensure you are providing the best nutrition. S.E.L.C.O. BOOST will enable your specimens to look more vibrant, have better appetite and Boost their natural immune systems. A natural source for all the fish nutrition your specimens need.

    What is the best way for me to feed S.E.L.C.O. BOOST

    Administer S.E.L.C.O. BOOST by soaking the food you already feed your specimens in 1/2 to 1 pump of the product with some aquarium water. Do not add the product directly to your aquarium, it may cause temporary clouding.

    What make S.E.L.C.O. BOOST different from vitamin soaks

    A complete solution. Containing stabilized vitamins, fatty acids, color enhancers AND appetite stimulants, BOOST does it all.

    • Proprietary process

      Aqua-Tech Co. harvests all of it's Zoo2 products from laboratory cultures, not wild collection. We can control water quality, temperature, diet and reproduction. These methods yield pathogenic/parasite free organizms with high nutritional value and egg carrying females in each jar.

    • Technological Advance

      Utilizing pheromonic technology Aqua-Tech Co. has integrated a proprietary appetite stimulant to ensure your specimens will consume the necessary nutrition they are offered. S.E.L.C.O. BOOST is the only food soak offering this technology

    • Enriched with Phytoplankton

      We have taken specialized phytoplankton rich in astaxanthan and carotenoids and integrated them into S.E.L.C.O. BOOST for a complete and natural supplement. These carotanoids (color enhancing nutrients), Astaxanthan (a powerful anti-oxidant), and Omega-3 fatty acids (nutritious probiotics) together make up a powerfully nutritious food soa

    • Immune boosting

      With the purest Vitamin E and the active component of garlic, S.E.L.C.O. BOOST naturally increases your livestocks potential for success and feeding. Allowing you the aquarist to have healthier, more vibrant fish that will enjoy long lives. Protect your investment and maximize your livestocks natural beauty

    - Kelp

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