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    This Rocky 3D Background has been molded from fantastic textured basalt rock and is perfect for covering the back of any aquarium. Flexible, light weight and thin, (about 1/4" thick) the Rocky Background is ideal for any size tank. Made from a silicone material and then covered in real crushed rock. The flexible nature allows it to be installed in any tank including those with center braces, without having to cut the background. Just fold it right into the tank.

    Product can also be installed into already filled and inhabited tanks.

    Be sure to add a few matching Deco Rocks to complete your one of a kind stunning home aquarium display.

    Clips can be purchased here for easy installation. 

    Note: Please expect 7-10 days for delivery for each of these backgrounds to mold, spray and dry.

    Overall Customer Rating of 32 Reviews:
    Reno, Nevada


    What an amazing background! It's literally indistinguishable from an actual stone wall!

    The only issue I had was, as others have commented, it comes rolled up in a large tube. I used a heat gun, the sunlight, and worked on it for over an hour to get it to lay flat. Even then, It took till the next day before I was satisfied enough to put it in my tank.

    I did have to trim a little off one edge and the top. Best way I found was a pair of tin snips. Then I used a belt sander to smooth off the cuts.

    To fix it to the back of my 65 gallon acrylic tank, I bit the bullet and used 100% silicone globs. I laid the tank on it's back, placed the background in, then used 150 pounds of rocks to weigh it down.

    All in all, I love it, well worth the money!

    measurements are rounded

    The 24x16 is really 23.5x15.5. This stuff is really hard to cut and hard to cut straight. The piece they send is not totally square either -- it's that hard to cut that they aren't exact either. If you can order to your exact measurements do that. It does look awesome, just plan ahead.


    love this background....low rating for me because on my background you can see shoe prints on it like they just walked over it while it was on the floor....noticable because the shoe print was darker color than the background....but i cover it with my heater cover......just not as professional than i thought

    It's beautiful!


    Realistic and Easy to Install

    The Rocky background is so thin, it takes up almost no tank space, but "feels" very deep. The only complaint I can give it is the lack of more pre-cut size choices. The standard 125 gal tank like mine is too tall for the 20" and too short for the 24". Cutting this stuff is incredibly difficult. I suggest having a good pair of tin snips on hand.

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