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    The Deco Rock Formations series are super realistic aquarium rocks that are suitable for any tank. Light weight and easy to handle these rocks will not displace large amounts of water like real rocks and it's completely safe. No more worries about large rocks cracking your glass tank.

    Each of these rocks are safe for aquarium or terrarium use and will provide a very natural look to your tank. The rocks are weighted and will sink and they can be easily cut to provide openings for your animals to have shelter and a place to hide. Also great to hide unsightly equipment like heaters, sponge filters or internal filters. Each piece is hand crafted and the coloring will vary as they are all individually hand colored using crushed rock, sand and oxides. No paints are used in this totally realistic process.

    Deco Rocks Formations come in two sizes- small and large.



    L10”(25cm) x W7”(18cm) x H7”(18cm)


    L10”(25cm) x W10”(25cm) x H8”(20cm)


    L13”(30cm) x W9”(22cm) x H5”(13cm)


    L13”(30cm) x W6”(15cm) x H9”(22cm)


    L17”(38cm) x W7”(18cm) x H7”(18cm)


    L17”(38cm) x W7”(18cm) x H10”(25cm)

    Be sure to add a matching background to complete your stunning one of a kind home aquarium display.

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
    columbus ga

    Looks and fits great

    Matches perfect to the Feature Rock bg. Perfect size and looks great.

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