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YFS Reward Points

Collecting Points
As a YFS Rewards Points Program member, you'll be awarded one point for each dollar you spend when you purchase merchandise from Please remember, you can only earn YFS Reward Points if you login to your personal account or setup a new customer account prior to making a purchase.

For instance, if your order total comes to $59.99 (minus shipping charges), we'll add 59 YFS Reward Points to your account.

There are a number of ways you can earn YFS Reward Points as shown below. Check back often as we are always looking for new fun ways for you to earn additional Points!

Share The Love

Join us — Earn 50 YFS Reward points for signing up with Your Fish Stuff.

Make a purchase — Earn YFS Rewards Points on purchases made on which YFS Reward Points are not redeemed.

Get friends to join — Earn 10 YFS Rewards Points for each friend you have invited who registers using your personal invite link.

Write a Product Review — Earn 10 YFS Rewards Points for submitting a Product Review.

Like us on Facebook— Earn 10 YFS Rewards Points when you Like us on Facebook.

Facebook Share— Earn 5 YFS Rewards Points for a product Share on Facebook.

Pinterest— Earn 5 YFS Rewards Points for a Pinterest pinning.

Twitter Share— Earn 5 YFS Rewards Points when you Share us on Twitter.

Redeeming Points

When you choose to redeem your points towards online merchandise, your YFS Reward Points account will be reduced. All of your remaining points will still be valid. Each point is worth $0.02/point equaling a savings of 2% to use at your discretion.

To Redeem Your Points

- You must be logged into your account

- On the Checkout Page you will see YFS Rewards Points. Click the arrow and you will see your available points. Click on the Apply Button.

- Your YFS Reward Points should now be applied to your total.

YFS Reward Points Expiration
YFS Rewards Points expire one year from the day the Reward Points are posted to your account.