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    This natural astaxanthin algae meal is a safe natural source of astaxanthin derived from paracoccus pigment. Try mixing some of this into your homemade feeds or used as a top coat on pellets and watch the colors pop on your fish. A little goes a long way.

    This natural astaxathin powder is spray dried and formulated into a fine dark red powder and is currently used worldwide as a coloration and nutrition source for numerous species of animals. Carotenoids are generally associated with the flaming orange, lobster-reds, and striking yellows found in ornamental fish.

    Since this is a concentrated natural astaxanthin powder, it can be incorporated into any type of food delivery system such as dry flake, pellets, crumble or frozen food. As well as mixed into home made feeds. The recommended use is as a feed ingredient or dietary component. It can be readily mixed, blended, extruded, or pelletized with other feed components. A daily ration of 1 part astaxanthin powder to 500 parts feed (0.2%) is equivalent to 35-40 ppm astaxanthin. Studies have shown colour enhancement in tetras, cichlids, gouramis, danios, and other species within one to three weeks.



    2.1% Astaxanthin
    Astaxanthin 21 g/kg
    Adonirubin 7 g/kg
    Canthaxanthin 2 g/kg

    Moisture 4.5% w/w
    Crude Protein 45.3% w/w
    Crude Fat 7.9 %w/w
    Crude Fibre <0.1 % w/w
    Crude Ash 7.2 % w/w
    Nitrogen-free extract 35.2 % w/w



    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Good Product

    I did my search and I found that many breeder using this product. I try myself and seem to be that it work slow, but work. My fish have nice color. I will recommend this product.

    Thanks to Your Fish Stuff for put this product to the public. They, also are have fast delivery. very good quality, Thank you!

    North Texas

    Astaxanthin Powder 1 lb package

    This is the second or third time we ordered this wonderful product. We raise Heritage Chickens and this is the best and healthiest way to get their yellow legs to show bright yellow. This is such good nutrition for them that we don't even ever use medicated feed. All about the quality of the product and yours is rated EXCELLENT!

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