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Lead Aquarium Weights
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LEAD AQUARIUM PLANT WEIGHTSLead weights for anchoring hard to plant stem or matted plants. Not actually made of lead they are non-toxic. These are flexible and easy to use.Available in 10 packs

Crinum calamistratum
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Crinum calamistratum is a very graceful bulbous plant with dark-green, very narrow leaves. It forms smaller bulbs than the other Crinum species, and demands a little more light. Does well for me under medium lights. Botanical name Crinum calamistratum Light demands medium to high Difficulty easy UsageMid-ground, Background Growth rate medium pH value 5 - 7 Temperature 72 - 80°F Hardness 0 - 14°dKH Available As potted plant ...

Dwarf Sag (Sagittaria subulata dwarf)
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The dwarf sagittaria (Sagittaria subulata) is a commonly available, hardy aquatic plant that is perfect for beginners. There has been some concern that the term sagittaria subulata is misleading for this tiny plant, and it may actually refer to a similar species native to the southern United States and not the species found in eastern United States Botanical name Sagittaria subulata 'dwarf' Light demands medium Difficulty easy Usage Foreground Growth rate slow pH value 5 - 8 Temperature 70 -...

Marimo Moss Balls
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Marimo Moss Ball is actually a form of algae that grow into large balls with a soft velvet appearance. Easy to care for and undemanding. Makes a terrific home for your freshwater shrimp and invertebrates. Botanical name Cladophora aegagropila Light demands low Difficulty easy Usage Foreground Growth rate slow pH value 6 - 8 Temperature 55 - 86°F Hardness 0 - 21°dKH Available As ball ...

Dwarf Hairgrass Eleocharis parvula
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DWARF HAIRGRASSIf you have ever had Dwarf Hair Grass before you know, it can be very hard to plant and keep it in your substrate. Well, here you have instant gratification as there is no planting to do. Just weight the mat down and you have an instant lawn.ELEOCHARIS PARVULA also known as Dwarf Hair Grass is a wonderful foreground plant that creates that lawn look that so many aquarium plant lovers are after. This plant can be cut to any length without hurting the leaves.ks.Botanical...

Microsword Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
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MICROSWORDMicrosword is rooted in a coconut fiber and won't come out. It is not tied; it is rooted. Used to create a nice lawn like effect in your aquarium foreground. Just plant the mat as is, weights might be needed to hold it into place. Botanical nameLilaeopsis brasiliensisLight demandmediumDifficultymediumUsageForegroundGrowth rateslowpH value5 - 8Temperature65 - 80°FHardness0 - 21°dKHMax. Size4"Available on a 3" x 3" mat ...