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    This Ledge 3D Background was crafted to mimic a natural ledge formation. The background depth at it's deepest point is 6 inches. Flexible, light weight and thin,the Ledge Background is ideal for any size tank. Made from a silicone material and then covered in real crushed rock. The flexible nature allows it to be installed in any tank including those with center braces, without having to cut the background. Just fold it right into the tank.

    Product can also be installed into already filled and inhabited tanks.

    Be sure to add a few matching Deco Rocks to complete your one of a kind stunning home aquarium display.

    Note: Please expect 7-10 days for delivery for each of these backgrounds to mold, spray and dry.

    Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:
    Washington, MO

    Great for a Terrarium

    I got this in a 36"x24" for my bearded dragon's terrarium back wall and she loves it. I also got a 24"x16" for one of the side walls (that is 18" deep and 24" tall) not thinking ahead that rotating it 90 degrees would result in the ledges going vertically as opposed to horizontally. Nevertheless, it still looks nice. Previously Grougaloragran would claw at the glass but now she climbs all around on the background and the ledges are large enough to support her (she's 1 y.o., 17.5" long, and weighs just under a pound). There are five main ledges on the back wall (the 36"x24") that allow Grougaloragran to conveniently position herself along the heat gradient.

    More than once when showing people pics of the updated terrarium, they have commented on how they thought it was a zoo exhibit at first.

    I used extra-strength double-sided tape along the top edge and both sides to hold it up, and so far it has held up fine (it has been about a month now). So far I have had no issues with the background melting due to being close to a heat lamp nor with it degrading due to bearded dragon claws.

    All in all, this is a great investment for a terrarium and helps make a happy lizard home.

    Ledge background

    Cut it with a utility knife or box cutter. Bends just enough to fit into the 70 gallon bow front with brace. Looks absolutely amazing. Cut some holes on underside of ledges will use a plastic mesh sealed with silicon to keep fish out, drilled a hole for power head blower mounted behind background to get good water circulation. Could not be more pleased.


    Was incredibly easy to install and looks very real. Best way to cut is with tin snips. Very satisfied


    Absolutely beautiful piece that was easy to install in my 125 gallon tank! The ledges look very life like, and my big Parrot fish love to hang out under the ledges.


    Just received this 3D background today. Very well packed. Took it out of the box and was amazed at how easily it folded right into my 110 gallon tank. Fits the back wall like a glove. Absolutely NO complaints. This was my 1st item ordered from yourfishstuff and I will be ordering many more things

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