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Holey Rock 3D Aquarium Background
Price: $159.95

Availability: In Stock
Universal Rocks

This Holey Rock Background will look amazing in your tank. Flexible, light weight and finely crafted. Made from a silicone material and then covered in real crushed rock. The flexible nature allows it to be installed in any tank including those with center braces without having to cut the background, just fold it right into the tank. This Holey Rock background would look just right for a tank of African Cichlids..Be sure to add a few matching Holey Rocks to complete your one of a kind stunning...

Holey Rocks Replicas
Price: $28.00

Availability: In Stock
Universal Rocks

The Holey Rock series are super realistic aquarium rocks that are better then real Texas Holey Rock. Light weight and easy to handle these rocks will not displace large amounts of water like real rocks and it's completely safe. No more worries about large rocks cracking your glass tank.Compare the cost of shipping real texas holey Rock and you will find these are very economical alternatives. Plus they will look amazing in your tank! please check out the photos and videos on the Product Videos...