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    The Holey Rock series are super realistic aquarium rocks that are better then real Texas Holey Rock. Light weight and easy to handle these rocks will not displace large amounts of water like real rocks and it's completely safe. No more worries about large rocks cracking your glass tank.

    Compare the cost of shipping real texas holey Rock and you will find these are very economical alternatives. Plus they will look amazing in your tank! please check out the photos and videos on the Product Videos tab.

    Each of these rocks are safe for aquarium use and will provide a very natural look to your tank. The rocks are weighted and will sink and they can be easily cut to provide additional openings for your fish to have shelter and a place to hide. Also great to hide unsightly equipment like heaters, sponge filters or internal filters. Each piece is hand crafted and the coloring will vary as they are all individually hand colored using crushed rock, sand and oxides. No paints are used in this totally realistic process.

    Note: Please expect 7-10 days for delivery to mold, spray and dry.

    HOLEY ROCK-037

    L12”(30cm) x W8”(20cm) x H5”(13cm)

    Weight: 2lbs ( 1kg)

    Compare with 20lbs/9kg!

    HOLEY ROCK-038

    L19”(48cm) x W9”(23cm) x H5”(13cm)

    Weight: 2lbs ( 1kg)

    Compare with 20lbs/9kg!

    HOLEY ROCK-039

    L15.5”(39cm) x W7”(18cm) x H8”(20cm)

    Weight: 3lbs (1.4kg)

    Compare with 20lbs/9kg!

    HOLEY ROCK-040

    L15”(38cm) x W10”(25cm) x H5”(13cm)

    Weight: 3lbs (1.4kg)

    Compare with 25lbs/11kg!

    HOLEY ROCK-041

    L15”(38cm) x W9”(23cm) x H5”(13cm)

    Weight: 3lbs (1.4kg)

    Compare with 20lbs/9kg!

    HOLEY ROCK-042

    L31”(80cm) x W8”(18cm) x H16”(40cm)

    Weight: 6lbs (2.7kg)

    Compare with 70lbs/32kg!

    HOLEY ROCK-043

    L29”(74cm) x W5”(13cm) x H19.5”(41cm)

    Weight: 4.4lbs (2kg)

    Compare with 65lbs/30kg!

    HOLEY ROCK-044

    L36”(91cm) x W5.5”(64cm) x H24.5”(14cm)

    Weight: 9lbs (4kg)

    Compare with 100lbs/45kg!

    HOLEY ROCK-044-20"

    L34”(86.36cm) x W5”(12.7cm) x H19”(48.26cm)

    Weight: 8lbs (3.5kg)

    Compare with 100lbs/45kg!

    Overall Customer Rating of 11 Reviews:

    This replica rock formation makes my tank look so beautiful I love it. So realistic thank you....

    Universal holey rock...

    Pieces came quickly. They are weighted, and a bit heavier than i expected. They look awesome, however, they wont stand on their own without leaning against the back of tank. (May be different u der water?) I bought 4 pieces...more than i need one is slightly diff color. Overall i think they look awesome, and im very happy with my purchase.

    Pac N.W.

    Holey Rock

    <p>Looks great in my 120 gal. African cichlid tanks. I bought 2 of the 044-20 . I would have given it a 5 star rating , but it don't really bend like they would like you to believe in the videos and IT DOES FLOAT. Or at least mine did. So you will need something to weight it down to keep it in place , not much but something.</p><p><u>YFS Note</u>: there was a batch made without some extra embedded rocks which caused some pieces to float.&nbsp;</p>


    It could use more holes in it, but other than that its perfect.

    Only half a rock

    I was under the impression that these were replicas of complete rocks and when I received them, I found that they were only half a rock. The rocks are only a hollow half shell and I assumed based off the pictures and videos that they were complete rocks. I bought a 3D background to cover the back wall of my tank and the rocks were going to be displayed in the middle of the tank but since they are only halved pieces unless I lean them up against the background or lay them flat on the tank bottom they are near useless to me. If you plan to silicone them to the back of the tank with no background they will look great but if you already have a background I would say look for something else.

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