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    Golden Pearls is a revolutionary larval diet that has experienced great success in marine fish hatcheries in Europe. The secret to its success is an innovative manufacturing process which involves the agglomeration of micro-encapsulated particles that "traps" tiny air pockets inside of the feed particles. This results in a "non-sinking" particle diet that remains suspended in the larvae tank.

    The introduction of Golden Pearls has significantly reduced the dependence, and in some cases, replaced live feeds (rotifers and Artemia nauplii) in commercial marine fish and shrimp hatcheries.

    Golden Pearls are available in particle sizes from 5 to 800 microns. For comparison, a newly hatched brine shrimp is about 400 microns.

    Great as a larval fry diet and excellent for coral reef tanks! GP diets will remain in the water column longer and mimic planktonic animals by moving with the water current.


    High quality fish meals, crustacean meal, purified fish oils, phospholipids, astaxanthin, vitamins and protected minerals, antioxidants, and immunostimulants


    Protein - 60%
    Lipids - 8%
    Ash - 15%
    Moisture - 8%
    Vit C - 2000 ppm
    Vit E - 400 ppm
    Astaxanthin - 500 ppm


    5-50 microns: Infusoria- Great for Reef Tanks and the Smallest of Fry

    50-100 microns: Rotifer Size 1- Great for Reefs and Very Small Fry like Rainbowfish

    100-200 microns: Rotifer Size 2 -Great for Betta Fry & Reef Tanks

    200-300 microns: Artemia Size 1-Great for Reefs; Small Fry Tanks

    300-500 microns: Artemia Size 2-Great for Fry Tanks- Equal to Newly hatched Brine Shrimp

    500-800 microns: Weaning Diet- Great for Guppies and Cichlid fry

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    Fresh product - great service!

    I have used GP for a long time, and with the new unexpected additions to the family I needed a fresh batch pronto. I bought 50u through 500u and am quite happy with the product and YFS service. Recommended!

    A high quality food for my cichlid fry

    My yellow lab fry get the 500-800 micron sized golden pearls and crushed cichlid flake

    Golden Pearls

    Excellent product for feeding fry & corals. Stays floating around all levels of the water column better than any product I know of, even Cyclop-eeze. Also great for small fish species (they love this stuff!!!) & filter-feeding shrimp & crabs.

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