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    We are quite proud of our Freeze Dried Krill as it is some of the finest krill we have ever seen. Freshly dried and packed it comes straight to your door. One of our most popular foods and for good reason as our freeze dried krill's (Euphausia superba) unique nutritional qualities make it a perfect food for many fish.

    An excellent source of natural astaxanthin it will bring out the natural colors of your fish. And it’s high protein, lipid and mineral content promote good health and conditioning. Harvested from the clean cool waters of Antartica and dried here in the USA, you will not find a higher quality krill.

    All types of fish enjoy krill, from freshwater to saltwater-- cichlids to koi. This Antartic Ocean relative of the shrimp is a crustacean, which is part of many fishes natural diet. It can be taken whole by larger fish or crushed by hand for smaller fish.


    Euphausia superba


    60% Protein
    10% Fat
    19% Fiber
    6% Moisture


    3-5mmW x 30-40mmL

    Overall Customer Rating of 29 Reviews:

    Best food ever

    This comes packed for freshness quality krill in this bag I order in bulk and this is the cheapest I've found yet I'm turning all my friends on to this site great food costumer service is serving to none. Great Job YFS

    Lake in the Hills Il.

    Yourfishstuff products

    I recently purchased freeze dried Krill,plankton and brine shrimp, all in 1/4 # amounts. At first I was impressed by the quantity of product for the price,compared to the brands that I have been using. Turns out I am getting more than five times the amount of product for the same price! After using your products for the last 3 weeks I can say the quality is also the same or better. My fish are mainly medium to large cichlids are doing quite well on their new menu and there appears to be less waste such as you get on the bottom of the containered foods,such as omega or hikari! So far I am very pleased with your products!


    Excellent product. My fish love it and the quantity is very sufficient for the price. I like doing business with Your Fish Stuff.


    Good Quality

    I buy these for my turtle and he loves them. They are good size and the bag contains lots of whole Krill, not a lot of little pieces.

    Poughkeepsie, NY

    Great for my turtle!

    I have a BIG (about 9" shell diameter) red slider turtle, and the main staple of his diet is YFS' Freeze-Dried Krill. The package reseals well, so it stays fresh so that it lasts him about a month. Also, the size is perfect for him to eat it easily--he even lets me feed him by holding a piece over the water's surface and he will eat it right out of my hand!

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