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Multi-Stone Stack Cichlid Caves
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Multi Stack-Able Caves Underwater Treasures brings you this wonderful line of aquarium ornaments to compliment your custom aquatic environment. These incredibly realistic decorations are hand crafted and painted using only the highest quality materials. Underwater Treasures ornaments are all non-toxic, and safe for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Enhance the appeal of your aquarium with any of these exciting decorations! Nicely detailed caves that are expertly hand crafted....

Pleco Cave
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Cobalt Aquatics

Cobalt Pleco Cave A perfect hiding and spawning sites for plecos and catfish. Will not leach chemicals or color into the water and will not break down over time. Handmade in the USA. Also an ideal hide and spawn site for many types of cichlids, catfish, or other egg laying cave breeders Sizes Pleco Cave Small - 1 1/2" diameter x 6-7" longPleco Cave Large - 2 3/4" diameter x 9-10" long ...

Cichlid Stones
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CICHLID STONES Aquarium Rock Caves The Aquarium Masters Cichlid Stone 15 Pack includes six unique sizes of cichlid stones, each with hollow cave interiors for your fish to swim in and around. Ecologically friendly and uniquely crafted, Aquarium Masters replicas are carefully molded, hand-glazed, superheated to 2100 degrees, and forged into high-fired ceramic. Each stone is individually poured, meaning no two are exactly alike! These ceramic replica stones make for ideal homes to many varieties...