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    The 3D Aquarium Feature Rock Background has an amazing natural rock look. 

    Each background has been designed with a revolutionary flexible material, therefore allowing you to install into new or existing tanks with ease. Each piece is hand crafted and the coloring will vary as they are all individually hand colored using crushed rock, sand and oxides. No paints are used in this totally realistic process. The flexible nature of the product allows easy installation into new or existing tanks. Bends easily to allow access in any aquarium, even around tank center braces.

    The depth of Feature Rock Background for the majority of the piece is about 5" or 6" deep. There is a section on the lower right side that is about 9" deep.

    The Feature Rock has crevices and indentations that can be cut out if needed to provide access behind the background. The Feature Rock models come supplied with clips for super easy installation or removal. Please also look at some of our videos to see just how nice these backgrounds look!!

    Be sure to add a few matching Deco Rocks to complete your one of a kind stunning home aquarium display.

    Note: Please expect 7-10 days for delivery for each of these backgrounds to mold, spray and dry.

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
    columbus, ga

    Beautiful and cheaper than manufacturer cost

    Beautiful background. The top isn't painted black like it looks in the video, everything is of a similar color. This is a resale from universal rocks but is 15-20% cheaper. Super fast shipping. Installed in less than 2 minutes. Much sturdier than anticipated, but still easily bent into the tank.


    Featured background

    Fit perfectly in my 55gallon realistic looking!!! Really loving this background..please dont hesitate on buying this product..excellent service..Great prices..

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