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    This realistic Canyon 3D Aquarium Background creates a 3-dimensional effect to a tank. Looks great when installed in a 24" wide tank or enclosure.

    Strong, light weight and flexible allows for easy installation into your tank. 48" x 24" in size and made for something like a 90 gallon, but it could be cut down to fit into a standard 55g or 75g tank. The Canyon Background sticks out about 10"-11" at it's deepest.

    It is ideal for both fish or reptiles.

    48” x 24” - CANYON 122cm x 61cm - CANYON

    Weight: 11lbs (5kg)

    Be sure to add a few matching Deco Rocks to complete your one of a kind stunning home aquarium display.

    Note: Please expect 7-10 days for delivery for each of these backgrounds to mold, spray and dry.

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    Canyon background

    Your Fish Stuff was great to deal with and had the best price. I installed the canyon background in a 75 gallon tank, therefore I had cut off about 4 inches off the bottom. It cut easily using a combination of a hack saw, a sawzall with a fine blade and tin snips. There is just enough room behind it to place the heater and the inlet/outlet for a canister filter. I did not silicone it in so it can be moved to access behind it. I drilled several holes on one side in an inconspicuous spot to allow water to flow in. To keep the background in place I cut a piece of PVC pipe and wedged it between the front of the tank and the background and then buried it under the sand substrate. It seems to be working perfectly since it hasn't moved. The background looks beautiful and doesn't take up too much real estate in the tank.

    Beautiful background

    I thought it was beautiful. Very well made.Unfortunately, I thought it would take up too much space~water volume in some spots. ..My fault! But it Was exactly as advertised.

    Worth it!

    Just as pictured. Shipped fast and given tracking info. Arrived in good shape. I was easily able to draw a line on the back of it with a marker and easily cut that line with a hack saw and garden sheers. Handling it will cause some paint to rub onto your hands no biggie tho. I trimmed, rinsed, and installed very easy and it looks just as pictured. Look up some videos on install and overall setup to make sure of what you want! Mine is perfect! Thanks guys!

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