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Tetra Whisper Softnet Aquarium Nets
Price: $1.09

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The multi purpose JW SmartNet moves easily through the water due to the coarser mesh allowing for fast movement to more easily capture the fast swimming species of aquarium fish. Each SmartNet has ultra soft netting and a textured and stylized comfort grip handle with a unique hanger to hang the net right on the tank! 

Weco Coarse Aquarium Nets
Price: $1.29

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Weco Coarse Mesh Nets are ideally suited for general fish handling and retrieving plants or decor from the aquarium. Weco nets use only the highest quality mesh for a difference you can see and feel, with an extra-thick twisted wire handle that's easy to grip and comfortable to hold. Coarse mesh net for general fish handling & retrieving aquarium decor Highest quality mesh - you can see and feel the difference Thicker twisted wire creates a stronger, more rigid net Weco's vinyl-coated wire...

Brine Shrimp Net Weco
Price: $1.79

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This Weco 3" Fine Brine Shrimp SmartNet has ultra soft nylon mesh to gently cradle more delicate species of aquarium fish and is generally used to collect baby brine shrimp. 3" x 2.50" net 10" with handle, which is 3mm thick. Much thicker and better quality then most standard nets.