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Aquarium Thermometer floating with suction cup
Price: $1.99

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Floating Aquarium Thermometer Reads Between 35-110 F

Aquarium Thermometer Stick On
Price: $1.99

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Digital Stick On Aquarium Thermometer Reads Between 64-93 F

Coralife Digital Thermometer
Price: $6.99

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The Coralife Digital Thermometer is ideal for aquariums and terrariums. Easy-to-use, simply attach suction cups and mount Digital Thermometer.The Coralife Digital Thermometer features an easy to read digital display with temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on your choice. Other features include: Attaches to aquarium via small suction cup Battery included 3 foot long temperature probe for large size aquariumsReadings in 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit or CelsiusTemperature range -10...

Eheim Jager Heater Holder
Price: $4.55

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Replacement Heater Holder for all Eheim Jager Heaters, complete with rubber suction cups. The heater holder holds the heater away from the aquarium glass allowing for water circulation over the entire unit.

Eheim Jager TruTemp Heater
Price: $21.99

Availability: In Stock

EHEIM Jager Heaters Fully Submersible! Precision aquarium heaters - a match for any size aquarium! Rigid special laboratory glass Precise temperature controle (65-93F) Heating function is indicated by an on/off control lamp Simple and safe recalibration (+/- 2 degrees) All heaters are black 6 foot double insulated power cord included Heavy duty 2mm thick shock resistant Pyrex glass construction is twice as thick as most other heaters and far stronger. Perfect for freshwater or saltwater use...

JW Fusion Smart Magnetic Temp Thermometer
Price: $2.99

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JW Pet Company

This unique design combines a thermometer with a magnet. The Smart Temp Thermometer goes on the inside of the tank and the magnet goes on the outside to hold the SmartTemp firmly in place, no suction cups needed! The SmartTemp also offers a Green Safe Zone which indicates the optimal temperature range. A High-End Accuracy- (+/-) 1.5°F and the SmartTemp has large easy to read numbers.