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> Low light
> Very popular
> Undemanding

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    Anubias barteri Golden Round Coin is a small undemanding aquarium plant. This variety has a nice round shape to the leaf.  Hardy and attractive in any aquarium. It does well in low light and doesn't need the addition of CO2. If planted on the bottom the rhizome must not be covered because it tends to rot. Most often used tied to rocks or driftwood in the aquarium.

    Botanical name Anubias barteri Golden Round Coin
    Light demand low
    Difficulty easy
    Usage Epiphyte (grown on hardscape), Foreground, Midground
    Growth rate
    pH value 5 - 8
    Temperature 55 - 86°F
    Hardness 0 - 21°dKH
    Available As potted

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