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Making Fish Happy,

since 2004, has been our goal. We strongly believe in good nutrition, clean water and a natural aquarium environment as the foundation to 'happy fish'.
 Good Nutrition - Thousands of satisfied customers and fish know where to get the finest flakes, pellets and freeze dried foods in bulk.
 Clean Water- We also provide aquarium carbon, media and filter cartridges to make it a snap to keep your aquarium clean.
 Natural Habitat- A natural looking tank not only provides the hobbyist with a enjoyable view but it also calms and invokes natural fish behavior as well.

Hobbyist Owned

Hobbyists at heart, Your Fish Stuff : Bulk Fish Food and Aquarium Supplies strives to bring you the finest aquarium fish foods while providing your fish the freshest and most nutritious diet.

Core Values

When you’re trying to decide who can do the best for you at the right price, there are several factors to consider.

  • Customer focused
  • Strive to sell the best products
  • Offer great values to hobbyists