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    VEGGIE DELUXE contains a unique blend of premium grade kelp and spirulina, designed to keep even the strictest herbivores in peak health and color. Also featuring krill, shrimp meal, white fish meal, garlic and un-cooked digestive enzymes, this high energy formula is packed with easily digestible sources of protein essential for growth and vigor of cichlids of all types. With five applications of color enhancing ingredients, the colors are exceptionally vivid and are displayed at an early age.

    As in all Dainichi foods, there is calcium montmorillonite clay to simulate the natural ingestion of mineral particles and to bind and neutralize metabolic toxins. Raw, fully potent vitamins, digestive enzymes and garlic ensure that the fish are healthy and free of internal parasites.

    Furthermore, the scouring action of the clay enhances continuous rejuvenation of the digestive tract which when combined with only two sources of starch (flour as binder and wheat germ as a source of vitamin E and B) ensures the maximum rate of digestion and assimilation of nutrients.


    Kelp, white fish meal, soybean meal, wheat flour, krill, spirulina, shrimp, wheat germ, calcium montmorillonite clay, brewer's yeast, powdered milk, vitamin mix, mineral mix, garlic, protease and natural gum..


    38% Protein
    5% Fat
    4% Fiber
    9% Moisture


    1.0mm Baby sinking

    3.0mm Small sinking

    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

    My Cichlids love this food

    I feed mostly Dianichi baby size pellets to my Tanganyikan cichlids. The fish hungrily devour Ultima Krill, Veggie FX and Color FX which are the varieties I use. I have had success breeding Julidochromis, and Neolamprologus species on a diet of Dianichi pellet foods alone. Highly recommended.

    Fast shipping and Right Price

    Fist time ordered and will continue order more from yourfishstuff. Shipping is fast and on time. My moba love the ultima krill. I shopped around and this is the best price.

    Top Notch Pellets

    These pellets are coated with montmorillonite clay to help in digestion. I don't know if it works, but I do know that my fish eat every pellet I toss in the tank and there seems to be less waste. When I first began feeding these, the fish had to taste them a few times (spit them out and suck them back in again) before they realized that the pellets were in fact good food, but every fish I have ever fed them to has eaten them. Now they absolutely love them. I find that the fish actually need less food to be full with these pellets than with other brands. I personally think they are worth the extra cost.

    Great Food

    My discus love it ! Great product. Fast shipping. Will definitely be a repeat customer of yourfishstuff !!!

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