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    Aponogeton longiplumulosus from Madagascar has large, fluted leaves making it a wonderful plant which can be recommended for large aquariums (the whole plant becomes 12" + wide). It is relatively undemanding, and makes no special demands on water quality. It also flowers frequently, making it a beautiful addition to any large open aquarium. It stops growing at regular intervals, but normally starts again after a few weeks of dormancy.

    You will receive one small plant similar to the one shown in photo. With an average of about six leaves.

    Botanical name Aponogeton longiplumulosus
    Light demand medium
    Difficulty medium
    Usage Midground, Foreground
    Growth rate
    pH value 6 - 8
    Temperature72 - 86°F
    Hardness 5 - 18°dKH
    Available AsSprouted Bulb

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